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Start your web3 loyalty program with us. Sky's the limit and we're here to help you through your journey.


Start playing with Okapi. Get 500 free requests per months.
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Free access to:
Create your web3 loyalty program
Up to 500 free compute units / month
Create tokens and NFTs
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Deploy your web3 loyalty program at scale with the Pro plan.
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Everything inStarter, plus:
Unlimited transactions, tokens and NFTs creations
10,000 compute units per months
$0.005 for aditional compute units
Quicker transactions.


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Everything in Pro, plus:
Volume pricing
Prioritized transactions.
Access to new features before anyone else
And many more

What are compute units?

A compute unit (CU) is a measure of the requests needed to query computationally expensive API endpoints. Each request has a price and rate limit cost that is measured in compute units.

Our Headless web3 loyalty engine allows you to runs web3 loyalty programs without building infrastructure.

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